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At Lori Suzanne, we're passionate about a few things... weddings... boudoir portrait sessions... kids... reaching out to orphan brides/clients... and giving back by way of charity work and mentoring up and coming photographers, and not necessarily in that order.


Please email us for our current e-guides for weddings & boudoirs. Weddings start at $2,000, boudoirs start at $399 (most packages include professional hair & makeup), and portrait lifestyle sessions start at $275. We also offer a "First Year" baby plan that includes 3 or 4 sessions during baby's first year (choose from maternity, newborn, sitting stage, and 1 year including optional cake smash). 


Orphan brides/clients: What's an orphan client you ask? Well, you might just be one! Orphan clients are clients that received their most cherished wedding or portrait images only in digital format on CD. Maybe you had a "shoot and burn" photographer that provided the uncorrected images on CD and didn't offer albums, or maybe you had the best of intentions to create your own album down the road (you're the creative type, right?!). Whatever the reason, your milestone came and went - and that CD sits in a desk or a box. Actually, you're not quite sure where it is right now!


Truly the digital age is great, but my fear is that we're creating a whole generation of people that won't have prints, albums, or wall portraits. Thus, the ORPHAN BRIDE/CLIENT!!


I can see it now... 25 years from now... your son or daughter is planning your anniversary party, and {gasp} there is nothing printed to leave out on display for your friends and family who have come to celebrate! But wait, after 25 years, you finally(!) have the time to print those cherished images from the CD - if you can find it after your 4 moves! Oh and wait, computers have changed - what's a CD? Is that like an 8-track tape?! Seriously, technology changes so fast... what if it changes before you have a chance to do anything with THE most important images of your lifetime?


I am passionate about reaching out and helping the orphan bride/client. Don't know where to start? Give us a call... we have many different options to get your images off that CD and in albums, hanging on your walls, etc. We have options for all price points and offer a FREE design consultation to help get you started and excited about your images again. Even if your images have not been tweaked or properly color corrected, we can do all that for you. STOP thinking that you "will get around to it one day" - life only gets busier, so let the pros help you!!


We would love to discuss your unique needs - whether it be a wedding, baby plan, or design consultation for displaying portraits in your home. Please give us a call to come in for a consultation to see if we are the right fit for you! 404.803.4422 or email 

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